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Electronic shop Unit-PCS

The time of epidemic and general quarantine has influenced our hobby, as well as the way of spending free time. We use more often services that we do not have to leave the house thanks of them. Digital revolution caused that some of us have turned traditional books into e-books and audiobooks.
There is not a sense to carry heavy, 400-page books, if it is possible to take a thousand ones in a light, portable and handy device.

The most suitable device used for reading e-books is a reader. It has matte screen and the image on it is generated with the by positively and negatively charged microcapsules in liquid and forming ink. So it does not produce RGB light.

Unfortunately, the cost of such readers (like Amazon Kindle) reaches even PLN 300-400 (USD 100-150). We are going to sell cheaper devices that also with good quality and parametres.

So in our web store will appear:

  • e-books (formats: PDF, MOBI, EPUB) and audiobooks,
  • e-book readers,
  • telephones, tablets and accessories for them,
  • advertising gadgets (frames, racks,
  • office articles.

We are located in Poland, so we will promote mainly products of Polish companies.

In the nearest time the web store Unit-PCS will have been opened.

Please wait patiently for our new enterprise.